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Artist Statement


Basically, I see myself as a storyteller. I see each piece as a sequence in a story in which the beginning and ending are unknown. The story belongs to the viewer, only the scenery and sometimes a title are given. 


My work mainly focuses on and around the female figure and character. 

Throughout my life, my idols have always been strong and interesting women. 

I want to portray these women. Their secrets, dreams, imagination, strength, and femininity. The figure is the actress in the piece - the core that everything else centers around. 


Inspiration comes from anywhere: a beautiful font, a vintage movie poster, a hummingbird, a song title, or an Asian flower pattern. I collect images, words and anecdotes for ideas.


Using fabric is a fairly new venture for me, I am intrigued by the texture, and the sense of subtlety the fabric offers. 

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